Corporate Info

A quick introduction to SAYKAL's key technologies and strengths, as well as environmental initiatives.


The SAYKAL Philosophy guides our corporate actions, ensuring that we will continue to be trusted by people around the world. Our vision is for a safer and more eco-friendly future with fewer accidents


At SAYKAL, professionalism and teamwork are part of our DNA
We strive to offer the perfect union of performance-oriented professionalism and teamwork. At SAYKAL, we believe that this approach is key to helping our company achieve healthy and successful long-term growth, along with an authentic awareness of values and superior performance.
Our corporate culture is rooted in seven basic values: entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork, sustainability, focus on performance, innovation, integrity, and exemplary conduct on the part of all concerned. These values shape our quest to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers, business partners and shareholders, day in and day out.
There’s only one way to reach this ultimate goal – together, as a family-owned company with a stable group of shareholders and visionary executive management. Our corporate guidelines focus on the long term and sustainability, not on short-term success and mere shareholder value. And we have one more critical asset: employees who share our understanding of team spirit, solidarity, professionalism and mutual success.


SAYKAL stands for quality
Top quality is our highest priority and the benchmark for everything we do. Our ultimate goal is to achieve zero failures. This high expectation is derived from our awareness of our responsibility to our customers, suppliers and employees. To achieve this goal we have introduced an integrated Total Quality Management (TQM) concept, which is known as Strategic Quality (SQ) within SAYKAL and is based on quality standards recognized all over the world. It encompasses all of the tools laid out in the Six Sigma management strategy and has been developed continuously since 2010.
In order to provide our customers with consistent high quality in every aspect, we incorporate quality planning into all our processes right from the start using carefully selected methods to fine-tune the details at every stage of both product development and the production process. Following the start of production, series quality is assured through accompanying quality monitoring and inspections. One key factor in these activities is our employees in depth knowledge and quality consciousness, which we keep on highest technology level by providing extensive training and professional development activities.


SAYKAL– giving back to society
Here at SAYKAL, we know that as a sought-after employer, we have a special responsibility to give back to society. We do so in a variety of ways, focusing especially on efforts to support education in general and science in particular. Examples include our work with the Hueck Foundation, partnerships with universities and research institutes, and the scholar-ships we sponsor for outstanding students. Our sales locations and plants also support a number of local social projects and initiatives aimed at local communities.
We also know that a company is only as good as its employees, so we earmark special funding to support our employees’ growth and continuing development. Helping our employees achieve optimum work-life balance is just one important part of our full-spectrum approach to personal and professional development. SAYKAL is committed to offering all employees a work environment that fosters their development and gives them a chance to shine.

Executive Management

Yücel Saykal

President & CEO
Representative Member of the Board​

İsmail Bican

Executive Vice President
Representative Member of the Board

Emin Ataç

Member of the Board

Brand Purpose

This world is full of achievements that haven’t yet happened.

We haven’t built a society where we can all move from place to place with no risks.
We haven’t found a way to manufacture with zero CO2 emissions.
We haven’t found a way to feed the entire world,
or build a robot that can work on the same level as a human.

When things we haven’t achieved turn into things we have.
These are the moments the world takes a step forward.

When the things we’ve achieved become the everyday.
That’s where a better world awaits us.

Our goal is to work with our partners so we can make new things happen together.

Because our world is full of achievement that haven’t yet happened.
And that’s why we’re here.

Here at SAYKAL, we are professionals who make things happen.