User Interfaces, Server Applications…

Saykal Electronics offers high level software solutions according to the needs of customers. Saykal Electronics software engineers have the talent and experience to develop software on different frameworks and libraries in programming languages C#, C++ and Java.

 Turnkey electronics projects generally includes UIs (User Interfaces), HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces), SCADA Interfaces or Mobile (Android & IOS) Applications. Saykal Electronics can fulfill all requirements in a turnkey project with the experience on user interfaces listed below.

Saykal Electronics High Level Software Development Services Include:

  • User Interface Software

Wide range of communication interfaces & protocols  

Distributed electronics device control, data collection, visualization.

Web based user interfaces. (Control & Monitoring)

Applications over dynamic maps.

  • Human-Machine Interface Software
  • Hardware Control and Monitoring Software (SCADA Software)

Real-time observation and intervention, transferring the desired parameters of collected data to the database, visual interfaces.

  • Military Applications and Software
  • Statistics and Reporting Software
  • Stock / Item Management Software
  • Computer Networks and Communication Software
  • Database Software
  • Custom Software For Special Projects